Rainy Daze Umbrella's and Racks

6:50 PM Daer0n 0 Comments

These umbrellas are functional and you can click on them to select an umbrella from your inventory when your sim requires one for a rainy day. Although these are functional you can of course use them for decorational purposes only if you like too. I made these umbrellas separate from the racks so that you can place them in the rack of your choosing, Use bb.moveobjects on cheat to place them wherever you want. 
Rainy Daze Umbrellas: 22 swatches.
Rainy Daze Rack I: 20 swatches.
Rainy Daze Rack II: 8 swatches.

PSD file for the umbrellas is included for those who would like to recolor to their liking, Enjoy!



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