Afzelia Dining Set (New Meshes)

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This set contains:
Amber Wrought Iron Ceiling Light
Antique Copper Light (recolor)
Antique French Renaissance Writing End Table (recolor)
Antique Flower Water Pitcher Vase
Long Wooden Dining Table
Printer's Large Media Suite with Hutch (recolor)

3T4 romantic vase depotted
Rustic Wooden Floor Vases
Rustic Wooden Valance Curtains S (transparent lace texture)
Rustic Wooden Valance Curtains M (transparent lace texture)
Rustic Wooden Valance Curtains S (patterned texture)
Rustic Wooden Valance Curtains M (patterned texture)
Windsor Back Dining  Arm Chair (recolor)
Woodland Room Divider S
Woodland Room Divider M

The items marked as recolors are recolors of  my own meshes that were made for some abandoned set, which I decided to recolor to share as non abandoned objects.
Also, have in mind that when I mark my own meshes as copyright and there is an object that has been converted from another version of the game I AM NOT claiming copyrights of that particular object but only of my own meshes, had to point this out since I was told some stutard out there decided to blast me for apparently copyrighting conversions (idiots).

::Thank you to the creators whose CC I used to stage this set::






{Printer's Large Media Suite with Hutch}

TOU Protection Status Registered & Protected 


  1. OMG! People like that are the reason we have crap like "Dont use in water" on hair dryers and curling irons or "Contents are hot, use caution" on our coffee cups. Its obvious to me that your are not claiming items that are not yours. The fact that you have to point that out to some is sad. This is SelaronoSims btw

    1. LOL, I know right? I thought the same thing really, anyone with half a brain could figure that out, but I am sure they just went and did it out of malice -sigh. All the hate that goes on on tumblr is so unnecessary >.<

  2. Beautiful Dining Set - Thank You!!


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