BW School Set P.1 (New Meshes)

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These objects are part of the Blairwitch School project found here. Most of the objects I made for this project were included with the lot but I thought it would be a good idea to release them in separate sets in case you did not download the school lot. I will separate them into sets since there were a lot of objects made for this project, so this is part 1. 

This set includes the following objects, anything not mentioned on the list is NOT included with this set:
BW School Chalkboard
BW school old chair
BW school Flag
BW school white old door with glass
BW school blinds 2
BW school intercom/loudspeaker (deco)
BW school alarm
I hope you guys find these useful :)
*The rusty old swatches are included too, if you don't like those just get rid of them if you like ;)

::Thank you to the creators whose CC I  used to stage this set::





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