Burlap Bag Planter and Arch Shelf (New Meshes)

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This set contains:
Arch bookshelf
Burlap Coffee Bag Planter
3T4 Conversion of Late night plant
*swatches are pictured above

Once upon a time the lovely Haggy suggested I make this cute arch bookshelf that is inspired on a drawing from a childrens book if I am not wrong (right haggy? LOL) I thought it was a super cool idea, so it took me....3 years to make it. Just kidding, it did take me a long long time to finally make it but hey, here it is.

 She also recently suggested I make a little burlap coffee bag planter, and since I thought it was super cute I made it too, so there you go, it is made babeeh!! Inspiration photo below, courtesy of haggy as well :D

I hope you guys like and enjoy this set. Credit for the inspiration goes to haggy, who is a geniusss for making these awesome suggestions which she will patent in the future cause let's face it who thinks about making an arch bookshelf? who?? only haggy, and she will make millions  (of simoleons) out of this patent.. so yeah, gaze and be blinded by the awesome that is right in front of your eyes O.o

:::Thank you to the creators whose CC I used to stage this set:::







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