American Diner Part.2 by daer0n and slox (new meshes)

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Hello everyone! Here’s part 2 of the diner project I worked on with the amazing @slox​. I bet you guys were waiting impatiently for it, same as I was haha, this diner set is one of the most awesome projects I’ve worked on, every single item can be so versatile and used in so many different ways, can have so many different purposes and that is what I love about it so much. I hope you guys enjoy this part as well as much as part I, which you can find here (X). Special thanks to @slox​ for all the work and time that she put into taking these amazing screenshots <3
Quoted from Slox's post:Some of the objects (like the bottle next to the laptop and the cake slice) that are shown in the previews will be included in part 3. The barstool was converted from TS2. The grey chair was inspired by a Sims 2 chair as well. I’ve been looking for that chair forever, but never found it, so I decided to make it for TS4.

Included items in this set are: Hanging TV, table with sockets and the same table without sockets, menu stand for table, plants (5 different plants in 2 sizes, 10 meshes), Window, Salt and pepper (1 mesh), posters and wallframes (5 meshes), ceiling air vent, ceiling, pipes (horizontal and vertical pipe), beer bottle, barstool, single door, wallclock, floortiles, kitchen door, ceiling lamp, neon signs (pink panther and coffeecup), toilet sign, laptops (with and without charger, decorative), chair, arcade machine (decorative), walls, doormat (1x1), booth bench, booth table and wires (2 meshes).




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  1. This is a wonderful set! Thank you ;)


  2. the level of richness is unbelievable!


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