American Diner Part 1/3 by Slox and daer0n (new meshes)

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American Diner Part 1/3 by Slox and daer0n
Oh my, this diner was a huge project that lasted a whole month, and which I had the pleasure to work with the very amazing and creative @slox​, they’ve always been one of my very favorite creators in the community and I was very happy to work with her on this amazing project, which was A LOT of fun! Every single item was made from scratch and worked on very hard and it contains over 100 items which is why it has been split into parts, I really hope you guys enjoy every bit of it, because I know we have. Special thanks to @slox​ for working extra hard on this project and taking all the previews of the items we both made together, I really really appreciate it.
Quoted from Slox’s description:
One object (a lips sign) that is included in this set, is not previewed, but the rest is. Most of the items (except wall decorations near the vending machine and hanging lamps) that are shown in the previews, but not included in this part of the set, will be shared soon in part 2/3! :)

Included items in this set are: booth benches (1 is a mirrored version), table, dividers, blinds (10 in total, 1-tiled and 2-tiled blinds), double door, napkin holder, neon signs (4), open sign and lips sign, bubble gum machine, menu card, soda bottle, sugar dispenser, ketchup mustard and mayo bottles, coffee cups (empty and filled version), coasters (stacked and single version), payphone, filled glasses, plant and vending machine.




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