Falling Water Residence

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LOT TYPE: Residential 30x20
VALUE:  §49,175

S3 to S4 pocci Shabby Chic Living petticoat shade lamp
Modern Living Chair - Recolors
ANBS Apple iMac
Leaning Domed Mirror by baufive

Küchenherd "Minerva" stove
Küchenwaschbecken "Minerva" sink
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Budgie functional mailboxes
BuffSumm_BuildSetVilla_Door 01
Limelove Caius Wall Edit
SUNDAY Apple Blossom
TS2-TS4 Conversion of Pocci Sheer Curtain
Tea planter2
Dalailama Tadao Plant

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Athena Roman Blinds  (1 Tile)
Fabric wall by Maysims (needs sign up)

[domi] tracey emin neon_all i hear
[domi] tracey emin neon_my soul
[domi] tracey emin neon_great come
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dreamteamsims - Hanging Birdcase
dreamteamsims - Kalico Set Prints
dreamteamsims - Stack of Magazines
Crystal Bowl by Freeasabird (sims 4 studio) scroll down till you find "crystal bowls"
Provence Bed set by Greengirl100
Kitten 01 by helen sims
Frame  by helen sims
PM_Geese by helen sims
Black and white posters by hvikis
Industrial wallpaper collection 3 by hvikis
KREATIVITUM poster by hvikis
Reading Glasses by Jools simming
Zen Dresser - Alive Set by kiwisims4
Nemestnaya tea planter 5 by linacherie
Olde tyme skillets
minc CocaCola Mini Fridge-reco by loverat 
Ultra Bathroom toilet seat by Lunaticavillage
Villa Peace sign by Lunaticavillage
Loft Office set Henriksdale Chair by 13pumpkin31 (please scroll down)
RSS-MS91 Hanging Utensils by 13pumpkin31
dreamteamsims - Roman Wrought Iron Fence Short (not released yet)
Ichigo Daifuku by cc-colorful
Ustensils de cheminée Onde par MangoSims. (fireplace accessory set Onde, please scroll down)
Bambou Tessa par MangoSims. (bamboo plant set Tessa)
Mimoto Granny Zaza STALKER Tree G
minc - Nespresso Coffee Maker
mio sims leheee vintage calendar

billyjean deco lamp with painting
billyjean shabby hanging flower
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Mio cassandre art book
mio cassandre butterfly throw

mio cassandre lillies
mio Cassandre necklace
mio cassandre bird
mio cassandre table clock
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mio cemre Books & letters
mio Curio kitchen to do list
mio Drift wood DOT
mio Gosik navone hamper

mio LDG 3 boxes
mio LDG boxes
mio LDG candles
mio LDG Frames
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mio leehee Deco M
mio leehee vintage camera
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mio lulu265 romulea living decor books
mio mangosims Twilight books
mio mangosims Rose boquet
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mio nemestnaya Mannequin
mio nemestnaya sailship
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mio simply styling Office 6 painting
mio spacesims lexi dining table

mio steffor Chalkboard
mio steffor september books
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mio sugizo black box phone
mio wallsims Cigarettes
Nikadema My First Apartment Speaker
PS Concrete Mirror Floors
Anye - Xmas 2015 - KitchenRollDispenser
MTQ StylistSims - WineHolder

MTQ Adele Grocery Bags
MTQ Adele Grocery Bags-Set 2
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MTQ kk_Ts4_Canvas_Bag_Deco-RC3
mutske Window SF Privat Small 1x1
mutske Window SF Seamless Right 1x1

Nanakusa Beaded Curtains -Ball- Medium
Nanakusa Beaded Curtains -Heart- Medium
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Nynaevedesign Altara Modular Window (tile)
Hamptons Hideaway - Cutaway 2 Seat Sofa by peacemaker_ic
Pilar Isla Pot3
PS Bricks 8
PS Concrete Wall 4
PS concrete wall
PS Leather Wall
PS Stylish Tiles
Rirann Aged Wood Tiles Floor
ShinoKCR S4 CologneWallshelf
Spring Aroma Cushion Left by simcredibledesigns
More Padded Waters - minimo
Sims4Luxury Floor collection 6
slox Dimension pillow
slox Visual acuity trashbin

Tingelingelater - City Windows
Tingelingelater - City Arch Open Door
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Veranka - Back To Retro Cookerhood

Veranka - Old Mill Ivy D Left
Veranka - Old Mill Ivy D Right
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Wondymoon Niobium Fireplace Wood
x Mirror floor (seamless)