NDYDL Friendship Bookshelf (new mesh)

4:19 PM Daer0n 2 Comments

After a lot of thinking and a lot of talking to a lot of my sweet friends I decided to make a come back and start from scratch on tumblr with a piece of furniture that I made that I will dedicate to my closest and loved friends, and also my love, it has the initials of all the people that I love and  have always helped me get though the tough times and who always offer me their unconditional friendship and love, all of their kindness and whom have always lent me an ear in the times when I needed to vent, cry, or when I was happy or angry, you all mean the world to me. After that misunderstanding that occurred a couple of weeks ago I had decided I wasn't going to share anything with the public except with friends and loved ones but I got so many kind messages that I decided sharing my custom content with those who truly appreciate it is worth coming back for.
I am also publishing a disclaimer with it so people know where I stand when it comes to my work.

I truly LOVE you all with all my heart, know that I always will <3
This bookshelf signifies the place in my heart where I keep you all, and the books I fill it with are all the beautiful memories and moments that I have shared with all of you that I will keep in my heart forever. Thank you all for all your love, support and kindness, I don't think I will ever be able to thank you all enough. I also want to thank all of the sweet people that sent me private messages of encouragement so that I wouldn't leave this community, I love you all! I hope you guys like and enjoy this bookshelf. <3

My disclaimer, which will be published with every post from now on: