Wind Blown Curtains, Antique Mirrors + Victorian Lace Rugs (new meshes) Vol.I

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Hey everyone~ 
Here's a new set of  (kind of uniquecurtains for you guys. A couple of weeks ago lovely lady suggested to me that she would like to see some wind blown curtains for sims 4,  and I thought it was a great idea so I created some, but, I also thought it would be a good idea to create something else to go with them as I can never create single items, so I created a couple more things to go with them and made it a lovely set :) So, this set contains 5 sets of wind blown curtains, 2 sets of antique/baroque french mirrors, and a set of victorian lace rugs. I hope you guys like them as much as I do, I really enjoyed making this set for you guys!

Here's what you get:
Wind blown curtain I: 9 swatches.
Wind blown curtain II: 9 swatches.
Wind blown curtain III: 9 swatches.
Wind blown curtain IV: 9 swatches.
Wind blown curtain V: 9 swatches.
(Not all swatches are pictured because there are too many per set)
Hickory Manor House Arched Arquette Wall Mirror: 6 swatches.
Hickory Manor House French Floor Mirror: 4 swatches.
Victorian lace rugs: 34 swatches (not all pictured since there are so many swatches)

The curtains and mirrors are all high poly so make sure your game's settings are set to high. I tried to lower the poly count as much as possible without losing quality, the mirrors are quite high poly due to high detail of the mesh.

CC used:
City windows by tingelingelater
Anna's shabby dining walls by (me)
Awesims hls 10 tile rafter by (me)
Parquet 14 floor by Pralinesims
Candle ottoman by michelleabstuff
Charleston farmouse dining chair by Saudadesims
Joyful girl lunaroses by MTQ
Granny's jewels by simcredible
Pitcher with flowers by blackcatphoenix
Modern living perched above decorative bird by me
Steffor coffee table & yuxis recolours by MTQ
Mud room beige umbrella by (me)
Chrissy hideout pillow by mio sims
Limelove dragan walls by chisami








  1. Oh my.....soooooo in love with this set. The curtains are more beautiful than I imagined they would be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. I love the mirrors! But somehow they don't show up in the game for me.
    Are the mirrors basegame compatible, or do I need expansion packs?

    1. Hi Rhisa,
      you need outdoor retreat for the mirrors to show up :)

  3. WOW! I've been looking for gold leaf curtains and that top antique mirror for a while now. My Mom has both of those almost exactly in her house. These are spectacular! Thanks for making these.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and for dropping by to visit Anna, I am glad you like them, and you are most welcome :)

  4. Hey. Do you know where I can find those open windows? I searched for them, but all of the download links have been removed, and the creator's profile no longer exists. I'm really disappointed, because I adore those windows and I've seen them many times (but have been unable to download them). I even saw a recolor of them, which I cannot use because I don't have the mesh for it. So... Do you know what happened to that creator, or where those windows can be found? I would really love to use them with your curtains. It looks lovely.

    Thank you in advance if you can find the time to respond.

    1. Hi there, the creator of those windows is tingelingelater, all I know is that she had said something about moving her domain somewhere else and that is why the links aren't working anymore, you can find and contact her here, if you'd like to contact her there directly and ask her about those windows :)

  5. Ah... Thank you. I did visit that page yesterday, but an error message popped up and I didn't feel like trying again (I assumed that the page had been deleted). Thanks again. :) It worked this time.


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