Triangular Loft Windows + Ceiling Frames (new meshes)

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Triangular Loft Windows + Ceiling Frames. 
This set includes:
Triangular Loft Window S1
Triangular Loft Window S2
Triangular Loft Window M1
Triangular Loft Window M2
Triangular Loft Window L1
Triangular Loft Window L1
Triangular Loft Window Ceiling Frame S
Triangular Loft Window Ceiling Frame M
Triangular Loft Window Ceiling Frame L
Triangular Loft Window Matching Walls
All windows and matching walls contain 24 swatches. Feel free to delete the ones you won't use. Ceiling frames are not pictured because, I forgot >.<

NOTE: These windows have been adjusted to fit on diagonal walls as well. I tend to use windows on diagonal walls and I noticed that when placed on diagonal walls windows stretch a couple tiles wider, therefore the wall mask stretches and looks much bigger than the window mesh if not adjusted to fit diagonal walls properly. I was horrified to find out that the wall cutout was much bigger than my windows after placing them on a diagonal wall and also noticed that other cc windows acted in the same manner, so there is my tip to cc beginner window creators, if you create windows you will also have to change the second high LOD which is the one that goes on diagonal walls, so that your window is a couple tiles wider. I eyeballed mine and tested afterwards every time, so I am unsure how to calculate accurately how many tiles you have to go wider for diagonals. Also, the windows and frames themselves are very low poly, the download file is big due to the zip file containing several items in it and several swatches per item.

CC used:
-Setup 1-
Plantdamagreek  by jennisims
Pocci sheer curtains by coolpanther
Peggysims hanging plants by MTQ
Cassandre rose by Mio sims
Joyful girl lunaroses by MTQ
Candle ottoman by Michelleabstuff
Modern living lounge chair blanket recolours by 13pumpkin31
Friede bathroom lounge chair by (me)
Cassandre lilies by Mio sims
Small potless flower by plasticbox
Wood pallet hanging chair pillow I by (me)

Wicker pouf by (me)

-Setup 2-

Cassandre wardrobe by chisimi
Butterfly chair by mxims
Steffor mar 2016 06 pouf
Steffor bed
Sunday garden pitcher by chisimi
Antigue conservatory hanging plant by (me)
Wood floor 09 by tatschu
Nanu herka books 1 by MTQ
Medieval book - botany by Martine
Steffor sims 4 pot
NMS radiator by Ichosim
Nanu jute basket by Mio sims
Lilipinso sheepskin rug by (me)