Blog name change + new banner

2:50 PM Daer0n 0 Comments

Hi everyone, 
I’ve been planning to change my blog name for a couple of days now and this is what I’ve come up with. Back in 2014 when I first started my blog I never knew there were going to be many similar blog names to mine, and I have recently noticed that there are a few blog names out there that are quite similar to mine and another one that is exactly the same as mine, so decided it was time to change to something different to avoid confusion, to something that feels more “mine” I guess. My blog domain will remain the same, and links won’t get broken, only my blog title is changing. I will also change my blog tags from “sims 4 designs” to “Ideasigns by daer0n”. (and yeah, in case you’re wondering it is not a misspelling it is “IDEAsigns, I wanted to mix both idea and designs into one word to make it some a bit more original, so there, that is my blog’s new name from now on ;) -sigh- I feel better now xD