Textured Pivoting Doors

8:00 PM Daer0n 3 Comments

Last time I shared some pivoting doors with glass textures but in the back of my mind I had other designs/ideas that I wanted to try with these as well, I wanted to do something different using the ones I had posted before but tweaking a few details here and there and add different textures and possibly modify the meshes in different ways as well. So this time I added some wood and metal textures to them, and I have to say actually quite like the way that they turned out. But, I am not quite done with these doors just yet, I want to still play around with other looks and styles, because, honestly I can't get enough of them, and I  hope you guys like these and enjoy them as much as I do! 

This set contains:
SW Pivoting doors in wood textures
SW Pivoting doors in metal textures
TW Pivoting doors in wood textures
TW Pivoting Doors in metal textures
SW and TW Black and white door frames included with this set.
-Swatches are shown in pictures-