Santorini Getaway Set (new meshes)

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Hey guys, today I bring you a set that was inspired in the beautiful Santorini Cave Hotel in Greece. This set was made for your simmies to escape to a romantic getaway on the beach [no kids allowed! that nanny npc should be put to good use now that we have herin game right? xD ] and have a great time together ;)

Anyhow, this set contains the following items:
Floor cushion (functional couch)
Floor cushion pillows
Cylinder pillows
Long pillows
Rock lounge chair
Rock lounge loveseat
Rock coffee table
Hot tub (minor clipping may occur since the shape of the tub is different than original one)
Hot tub steps (deco, place by hot tub using bb.moveobjects code)
Tiki torch (functional)
White large rock I
White large rock II
Cave (deco) : please use bb.moveobjects to place the cave. Tip: if you try to place a swimming pool inside the cave, make the pool first OUTSIDE of the cave, then grab and place it inside the cave afterwards. If you try to build the pool inside the cave and try to adjust the width, the cave will move at the same time as you try to adjust the width or the pool.

*Swatches are shown in pictures. Rock furniture includes white smooth and rock textures.

CC used:
Set summer plaid NT rug by NataTanec
PM grass o3 by Helen
Wading waters by Nolansims
Awesims HLS 4 tile rafter by (me)
Set summer palm 02 NT by NataTanec
Set summer palm 01 NT by NataTanec
Stucco fireplace deco border 2 and 1 by (me)
Stucco fireplace by (me)
Mur eglantine wall by mangosims
Yumia lace windows by (me) -not released-
Lunaroses 5 by MTQ
Skating floor rink by Inabadromance
Jars of electric fireflies by Omorfimera
POT center wall light mesh by DOT
Friede bathroom lounger chair by (me)
Friede bathroom planters by (me)

This set is actually a small set, but I hope that you guys find it useful and fun :) Enjoy and happy simming!

Each item has been tested in game, should you encounter any issues with any of the items in  this set please report them to me and I will happily fix them.








  1. hey do these items go in the mods folder or tray folder?

    1. Hi there, all objects go into the mods folder, only lots/builds go into the tray folders :)

    2. These are all objects only not a lot ;)

  2. The hot tub will not appear in my game. Should I re-install the cc or do I need one of the expansion packs or something? The rest of the cc in this set works fine.

  3. The hot tub won't appear in my game but the rest of the set does. Do i need an expansion pack or something? Should I re-install the cc?

  4. Where did you get the lights inside the cave?

    1. Hi there, those lights belong to the Spa Day pack :) They're called "Ill-oooominate"

  5. AHH Thank you! I actually use so much CC I don't even look at what comes with the packs haha I have that pack to lol. one more thing, Where did you get that nice trim on the top of the wall? and do you plan on releasing those beautiful windows?? I love this build so much!!

    1. Haha, yeah I know, I don't know what actually comes with stuff packs or EP's either, most of the time I am going through the game menu going ooh...ah! oh I've never seen these before! LOL! The trim at the top of the wall is base game as far as I know, and regarding the windows, I won't be sharing those unfortunately, because they were a personal gift to one of my friends :)


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