Alienware Area 51 Pc (new mesh)

2:50 PM Daer0n 7 Comments

Hey everyone, today I bring you the Alienware Area 51 Pc for Sims 4. I've always had a thing for alienware computers and  even though I haven't really tried them in real life I thought it would be fun to have it in my game for my simmies, This mesh was a little bit of a pain to make, I think I restarted the mesh around 5 times and corrected some issues more than 10 times but hey, here it finally is.

This set includes:
Alienware area 51 pc tower (I separated the tower from the monitor, keyboard and mouse so that I had enough room to fit a good texture on it for better details, as a smaller texture would have made the whole thing look blurry and I wanted it to look as best as possible in game)
Alienware area 51 pc with built in Dell Ultrasharp Cuved Monitor, Alienware Area 51 ALX keyboard and Alienware Tactx Gaming Mouse.
*Swatches of every item are shown in pictures.

(Of course our sims won't notice the difference between a regular boring arse computer and an alienware and the excitement that it would be to have such a kickass computer in real life but hey, we can always live vicariously through them right? xD)

I didn't bother with the mouse, keyboard etc. cords because IRL I suffer from OCD and couldn't bare the thought of messy cords all over the computer, if I could help it my real life computer would NOT have cables, anywhere! ugh, I hate the mess they become, so lets pretend this computer is completely wireless -_-

:::Thank you to the creators whose cc I used to stage this set, much love to you all <3:::