8-3 Kotatu De Onabe + Hibati De Oyatu Sets

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2t4 Conversion of 8-3 Studios Kotatu De Onabe Set, Hibati De Oyatu Set, and Kimono Dolls.

Kotatu De Onabe Set contains:
Dining Chair
Dining Table w/ Cloth
Dining Table w/o Cloth
Dish Stack
Small Dish
Extension Cord
Onabe ~Closed~
Onabe ~Open~
Plate w/ Food
Stove (off)
Stove (on) {This stove is a lamp, so you can turn it on and off, and the flame effect will come on, you can change the intensity of the light as you wish and the colour of the flame as well to whatever colour of your liking, I changed mine to blue as you can see in the picture :) }
All items contain 1 swatch, except for the extension cord.

Hibati De Oyatu Set Contains:
Hibati (The hibati acts as a bonfire, so you and friends can sit around, tell stories, roast marshmallows, etc.)
Orange Basket
Peeled Oranges
All items contain 1 swatch.

I have included two kimono dolls with these two sets, the dolls are a nice touch to both I think, they didn't belong to any of the sets but I thought it would be nice to include them as well :)

Place extension cord by activating bb.moveobjects code. Known minor issue: Clipping issues with the sim legs when sitting at the table, I wish there was a way to move bones more accurately to make sims sit in a better position, for now that is all I could do. The clipping will occur when the sim moves their legs, but it doesn't happen all the time.

Mesh credits:

CC used:
Sulfure wall paintings by Jomsims
Somebukuro simplestudio404
Floor01 by simenapule
Panneaux bois walls by mango sims
Tokyo large window by mutske
Retoro japanese pot by simplestudio404
Mxims 50's tv
Sonic colocasia by nynaevedesigns