Pivoting Doors (new mesh)

9:42 AM Daer0n 2 Comments

Hello! I have some pivoting doors for you guys this time, this set was inspired in these doors, I thought they would be a nice touch to a modern house and since I wanted to re-create something like this for my sims for a long time, here they are. The frames are actually functional arches and you can use them as that if you like without the pivoting doors in them if you choose to. And although these doors won’t rotate on their own, you can rotate them yourself at any angle by using the ALT key on your keyboard.
I actually quite like how these turned out and I have plans to make several different styles with them as well. Anyhow, I hope you guys like them too :)
This set includes:

*TW Pivoting door frame
*TW Pivoting door
*SW Pivoting door frame
*SW Pivoting door
This set contains 20 swatches per item, in black and white, Peacemaker_IC wood textures and metal, you can find an image with all the swatches attached to this post.

(TW stands for tall wall, and SW stands for small wall, I thought i'd label them that way so they would be easier to identify) I only made these suitable for tall and small wall sizes since I had trouble with the wall mask for medium sizes.  You can find the frames in tall and small doors, and the pivoting doors can be found under sculptures. The footprint on the deco doors has been removed so sims can walk through them without issues. Since frames and doors are separate you will have to activate the bb.moveobjects code to place the doors within the frames.

If you have any issues with my conversions or cc, please contact me and I will fix them asap. Happy simming! 
::Thank you to the creators whose cc I used to stage this set, <3 you all::