DL13 Collaboration Project (new meshes)

3:00 PM Daer0n 2 Comments

Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a very special set. This set was created with joined collaboration from my very dear friends Leo-sims, 13pumpkin31 and myself. We teamed up to create this fantastic set which I have titled (for a lack of a better title) DL13 Collaboration project (it sounds like a top secret project name, doesn't it? ) but it contains a lot of beautiful items that we hope you all will like, as much as we do. The meshes were made by me and Leo, and the beautiful textures/recolours were done by 13pumpkin31, she did an outstanding job of texturing this set, I don't think I could have done a better job myself, her work is simply amazing (as always). I had a great time working on this project with both of you Leo-sims and 13pumpkin31, I hope we can work together again in the future to create more sets like this one, thank you both my friends! *big hugs*

Now onto the goodies, this set includes:
End Table
Modern Pacific Heights Sofa
Drum Coffee Table
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Fir Stone Wash Console Table
Mango Wood Side Table
Perched Above Decorative Bird
Pillar Wood Candle Sticks (animated)
Stylish Antiqued Window Pane Mirror
Windsor Floor Lamp

Swatches of the items can be seen in pictures. Merged, separated files as well as recolouring resources are also provided. Thank you to my dear friend 13pumpkin31 for taking the time to do the main picture as well as screenshots, merged, separated files and recolouring resources for this set, all of your hard work is greatly appreciated <3

Thank you to my dear friend Leo as well, for making some beautiful meshes to go with this set, even though you were going through hard times you took your time to work with us in this collaboration set, your hard work is also greatly appreciated <3

Items were tested in game and are fully functional, should you find any issues with anything please let me know, and I will gladly fix them as soon as possible. 

File size is around 65 MB, because it contains merged, separated files as well as recolouring resources, so you can keep whichever ones you need for your game. Please make sure you game is updated for these items to show up. 

All the objects in this set are high polygon, if you are using low settings or laptop mode on your computer, these objects may look distorted. I really hope I didn't miss anything, since I was so excited to share this set with all of you :)

Enjoy, and happy simming!