Friede Bathroom Set (new mesh)

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Friede Bathroom Set (new meshes)
Today I bring you a brand new set, and my very first bathroom set created from scratch. It took me a week to finish it, taking time to polish a few details here and there, so I hope I didn't miss anything, but, if you encounter any issues with any particular object in this set, don't hesitate to let me know, and I will fix the issue right away ( I promise I don't bite!) :)

This set contains:
Bathroom Counter (height can be adjusted, press ALT while adjusting height to match height of sink)
Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Mirror (height can be adjusted)
Rustic Bathroom Lounge Chair
Lounge Chair Cushion (place with bb.moveobjects code)
Ceiling Mounted Towel Rack
Deco Bowl
Deco Bubble Bath Bottle
Deco Horns
Deco Au Lait Bathing Milk
Deco Au Lait Body Wash
Separated Deco Plants I, II, III, IV
Bathroom Mats
Bathroom Windows (suitable for medium size walls)
Bathroom Planter, Tall & Short
Bathroom Body Brush I and II
Bathroom Sponge
Deco Soap
Bathroom Stool
Toilet Paper Holder
Deco Bathroom Tray (with slots for clutter placemet)
Wiremesh Pendant Light I,II,II (suitable for medium and tall walls)

*This whole set is high polygon, if your game is set to low graphics these objects may show distorted. Please make sure your game is up to date for these objects to show up in game, as well as it may slow down computers with low memory resources.

The lounge chair cushion must go with the chair as there was a gap left intentionally in between the sims back and the chair so the cushion can be placed. Also, I did not add additional shots of the windows with white frames as this post is already very picture heavy, the windows are available both in black and white frames, and both have the same window glass patterns.

32 items total. File size: 23 mb