3t4 Eco Pack Set (Request) (UPDATED)

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3t4 Conversion of Eco Pack, requested by Mxims.
This set contains:
Renault twizy: 4 swatches.
Heliossolaris III solar panel: 1 swatch.
Wind reaper: 1 swatch.
Natures blades: 2 swatches.
Flowering Ivy: 2 swatches.
Caged Bounty: 2 swatches.
Sippin succulents: 2 swatches.
Treelight: 2 swatches.
Treelight light: 1 swatch.

The Renault Ze was not included in this set due to mesh problems, unfortnately when converted from s3, most of the car meshes look messed up because of the way they were uv mapped, the lighting in s3 was completely different to s4, so in order to have objects look normal in s4 some meshes have to be modified, etc. but the car ones are much more difficult to modify in my opinion than a regular object, so, therefore, even though I loved that car it did not make it into this set, bummer. 
Anyway, I didn't want to leave parts of this set out so I converted everything the pack came with, there will be download all in one links and an additional one for separate files in case you don't want the rest of the objects Max since you said you were interested in the solar panel and the wind turbine :)
Also, I highly recommend for those who download the plants also, that they use the caged bounty plant for outdoors only, the lighting in s4 is absolutely awful and this plant does not illuminate at all indoors, it looks completely dark as though it absorbs light instead of reflecting it back a bit like normal objects do. 

Forgot to  mention that the light for the treelight had to be separated in order for it to work, so if you want to add it to the treelight just use bb.moveobjects to place it on it.

This set had a lot of pleasant surprises and I was pretty happy to convert it, you chose well Max, enjoy! :)


**Thank you to the creators whose awesome cc I used to stage this set**







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