2t4 Nemestnaya's Pumpkin Pie Spice Kitchen Set Part 1

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2t4 Conversion and re-texturing of  Nemestnaya's Pumpkin Pie Spice Kitchen Set. This set contains 53 items in total. Some of these items have been re-unwrapped and re-mapped, and re-meshed. Since this set contains so many items I decided to split it into two parts, as the download file would end up being huge. Some of the items from this set have already been converted by my sweet friend Leo-sims, mine have been re-coloured so that they are different variations of her conversions, so if you like, you can download her conversions of them as well here.

The first part of this set contains:
Basket with lavender: 2 swatches.
Brown sugar plate: 2 swatches.
Cake pan: 2 swatches.
Deco chillies: 2 swatches.
China Jar: 3 swatches.
Chopping board: 2 swatches.
Coke bottle: 1 swatch.
Egg beater: 9 swatches.
Eggplants: 3 swatches.
Eggs: 2 swatches.
Flour bag: 2 swatches.
Fried eggs: 3 swatches.
Garlic: 1 swatch.
Glass bowl: 2 swatches.
Glass with daisies: 2 swatches.
Glass with parsley: 2 swatches.
Hanging plant: 4 swatches.
Honey Jar: 10 swatches.
Italian coffee perculator: 8 swatches.
Kitchen hutch: 3 swatches.
Kitchen utensils: 6 swatches.
Lantern: 6 swatches.
Large basket: 2 swatches.
Lemons: 1 swatch.
Logs: 2 swatches.
Milk: 5 swatches.
Wire table: 3 swatches.

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