Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Assign Weights to a Stove (for Converters) Part 3

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  1. I couldn't make an oven without you! Thank you so much for this tutorial! I learned so much from it!!! :D

  2. Will this tutorial make it so that the oven door actually opens? I converted one of Cashcraft's stoves and my sim will "open" the oven...only not really...just the animation...anyway, my sim opens the oven door, slides out the rack, everything works fine except the oven door never actually opens. What did I do wrong, please?

    1. Hi Evelyndra,
      If you follow this tutorial step by step it will work properly. I think you must have assigned the wrong bone to the door. There are three bones that you must assigng to a stove, _bind_ovenDoor_3, _bind_ovenRack_3, and transformBone.

      The transformbone bone makes your stove stay in place, any part of the stove that has this bone assigned to it will stay in place and not move. The binddoor bone is as it names hints for the door of the stove, so that your oven has an interaction/movement and when your sim uses it the oven door opens. The bindrack bone is for the rack part, when assigned to it it also interacts/moves for your sim to place their food on it.

      Check that your oven door has the proper bone assignment on it, it should be "_bind_ovenDoor_3" without the quotes, if it has any other bone assigned to it, just remove it, and assign the proper one. I hope that helps :)

  3. Thank you for answering my question! I am now trotting off to my desk to toil over this stove conversion again. Hopefully, with your help, this time I'll be successful. Cheers!


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