Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Assign Weights to a Stove (for Converters) Part 1

5:44 PM Daer0n 3 Comments

I promised my sweet friend Leo that I would post some tutorials to help people understand how to assign weights to a converted object for Sims 4, so here it is.

This tutorial is going to be directed to those creators who like doing conversions but do not know how to assign weights to stoves/fridges, and any other object that requires animation in Sims 4. This tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of both blender and Sims 4 Studio, and will not teach you how to use either of the programs. 

The same principle that is used  in this tutorial to assign weights to a stove, can also be used to assign weights to other animated objects such as fridges, aquariums, microwaves, etc.
Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck at any point in this tutorial, I will gladly help you, as this tutorial was pretty extensive and I might have missed something. 

Have in mind that I am also still learning how to do certain things with blender and S4S and I am NO professional or an expert either, so I will  teach you what I know so far, and my own way, of doing things when I convert meshes from S2 or S3 to have my objects work properly in game. This tutorial will be long (and possibly) tedious, so I will break it down into 2 or maybe 3 parts.

What you will need:
-Sims 4 Studio


Read more in part 2 of this tutorial here.