Ts3 to Ts4: Grotto Steampunk Hot Tub (UPDATED)

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Ts3 to Ts4 Conversion of Grotto Steampunk Hot Tub from ts3 debug.
Half of this tub spawns at ground level, but in order to have the rest of this tub show, you will have to use bb.moveobjects code, and bring the bottom of it up above ground level with your 9 key. I had to leave half of it at ground level since moving ALL the FX slots to the correct place when left completely above ground level by default would cause it to not work properly, therefore, you will have to use the code and keys mentioned above to bring it all the way up. It WILL work properly then, your sims will just hop up into it no problem.

What you get:
Steampunk Grotto Hot Tub
*All items have 1 swatch each.

There's a small issue with it but not really aesthetic or functional, when placing walls or any other objects AFTER placing the tub, your sims will reset positions and get out of the tub, so make sure once you're done building and placing all of the objects that you're gonna place in your lot that you make use of the tub, otherwise your sims will reset and come out of it.

CC used:
All objects shown in the picture including the walls are by Grannyzaza.

[[[Perfect patio is required for the tub to show up.]]]







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