Ts2 to Ts4: Tempest Cooktop Stove *Request*

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Ok, so Lilmissdolly made an open request yesterday to convert this stove for her,  since OBP couldn't do it, I jumped to the opportunity to convert it, so I did. This stove was not functional because it was empty inside, it did not have a baking rack on it so I had to franken-mesh it a little bit and put one on it from the mesh that I had cloned. I had originally downloaded the mesh from her website but for some reason the rendering of the mesh had an issue where the new part of the mesh (which was the baking rack part) showed a lighter color on the mesh, and I could not for the life of me fix it, SO...I ended up having to extract a fresh mesh from TS2 nightlife in order to try to make it work properly, but the difference in colour persists, -sigh- I am not sure why it does it only on the side where the rack has been added, cause I know for a fact that it's not a mesh or texture issue, - but really, that is the only "issue" with it. It bakes and cooks, and I  have moved the cooking slots into the middle burner so that when your sim cooks on it, the functional pan does not go on top of the deco pots that come default with the stove. It took me all day to do it, but here it is, fresh out of the oven, my TS2 conversion of TS2 Nightlife Tempest Cooktop. Isn't it pretty! :)
So finally . here it is Lilmissdolly, I hope you enjoy it, and cook and bake lots with it! ;)

(Download available without ads for today)




  1. Awesome work! Perfect for a serious chef. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Anon, and you're welcome! Thank you for stopping by :)


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