Small Spaces Vol 3.: Valentine's Love is Living Set (UPDATED)

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I've been trying to get this set out for what seems like forever now, and I've made about 4 versions of the chair and a couch that didn't make it that I wanted to include with this set, that was making me want to throw blender and the sims out my window for good -sigh- meshing can be really frustrating, especially when you're still learning.
Anyway, it looks like it's done now, and I wanted to put a set out for Valentine's day that still celebrated the day but not in a cheesy kind of way. Come to think of it, I've come to kind of hate Valentine's day but hey, I still live vicariously through those who enjoy it and have a good time with their loved ones :) 
So, for those who like celebrating, here's this set. I kept it really simple this time honestly, but I hope you guys will enjoy.

This set contains:
Heart shaped chair: 3 swatches.
Coffee table: 2 swatches.
Heart shaped horns: 3 swatches.
Deco pillow I: 11 swatches.
Deco pillow II: 11 swatches.
Bunched up throw blanket: 7 swatches.
Area rug: 4 swatches.
Heart pendant light: 1 swatch.

CC used:
SV avignon dining wicker wine bottle by Severinka
Mira Nolen book 4 by mio sims
Love plant by mio sims
Windows by hellen
Brick walls by Linacherie

Under the stair curtain by Shinokcr