Faux Ceiling Windows

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I've been wanting to make some ceiling windows now for a long time and today I decided that  I was going to finally make them. These faux windows are a modified EA mesh of the dance floors from Get Together and were made to simulate ceiling windows. Some time ago I saw a tutorial on how to make skylight windows and it occurred to me that I could use the dance floors and modify them to be just that. I recommend that if you do have the Get Together expansion that you place the Shake and Shimmy dance floors on your roof first to allow natural light to come through from outside for a more realistic effect, then place these windows, otherwise you will have to place them in a ceiling-less room. These faux windows will spawn at floor level, so you will have to use the bb.moveobjects code to move them, and use your 9-0 keys to adjust to the desired height. Also, you will have to place these windows when you are completely done building a room or house, or wherever you're going to place them as they will disappear if you place them first, and place wallpaper after or a roof. I hope I've explained myself clearly, but, if you guys have any issues with the placement of the windows or how to use them, let me know, and I will be happy to help you :)

This set of windows includes:
★Faux 5x5 window
★Faux 4x4 window
★Faux 3x3 window

Each window contains 11 swatches.

CC used:
Tete de cerf maison du monde by meincatz
Moroso fireplace by ShinoKCR
Outdoor DIY curtain by Buffsum
White concrete walls by Hvikis
Aged wood tile floors by Rirann
City window by Tingelingelater
Sulfure loveseat by Jomsims
Anye's rustic living deer sculpture by Lindseyxsims
Forever living plant by Inabadromance
New Yorker by Mio sims
Firewoods by Mio sims
Bedroom ladeya deco hands by Buffsum

French bulldog by Leosims







  1. Hi, I have placed the dance floor on the roof and ceiling window high on the floor beneath, it doesnt work, what is your advice?

    1. Hi Daniel, I don't really have any advice as to how to place them other than how I explained on my post, as you can see doing it the way that I explained works for me in game so I am unsure what or how you are doing it yourself. You just place the shake and simmy dance floors on the top floor (roof) and place the faux ones in the first floor, and bring them up to roof height with your number 9 key. You don't place the faux ones up on the roof, you have to place them in the floor below, then they will spawn at floor level and you just bring them up higher yourself. I am not sure what else to tell you :/


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