Ts3 to Ts4: Alvar Vintage Kitchen Set (UPDATED)

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Ts3 objects from the store, converted to Ts4. This set contains the following items:
★ Refrigerator
★Food processor (deco only since we do not have food processors for s4 yet)
★Trash compactor (deco only since we do not have trash compactors for s4 yet)
★Trash receptacle

*All the objects have 1 swatch each.

The stove does not actually belong to the set, this stove is a recolor from a base game stove instead of the ts3 original one, and the reason why I did not include the original one from the conversion is because, I literally just learned yesterday how to assign weights to objects (and I was totally ecstatic about it lol), and this is the first time I had to do it in order to have fully functional objects that were converted from a different version of the game,- I would not be happy uploading the objects that I converted for this set if they weren't fully functional, I'd hate them to be so pretty to be deco only,  I like making things functional if possible, and the stove from this set just wasn't doing so, so I decided to recolor a base game one instead so that this set was not incomplete. And, since at the moment I am trying to figure out how to make the stove fully functional I will give you a recolored but pretty close version of it [that to be honest, looks much better than the original one ;) ], but I promise that as soon as I resolve the issue with the original stove, I will do an update on it so you guys can grab the original one. All the objects mentioned above should work properly in game for everyone, I tested them and they work fine for me, but don't hesitate to report any issues you may encounter and I will take a look at them and fix them.

EP's required:
Sims 4 Get Together

CC used:
Spectrum dining chair by veranka
Spectrum dining table by veranka 
Aframe Windows by Playfuls studio (seems like their site is no longer up)
Rafael Guz wall by Jomsims

Lace curtains by dorosimfan1
Random floors set 3 by Sims 4 Luxury





If you have any issues with any of my conversions or cc please let me know and I will happily fix them asap. Happy simming!


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