Ts2 to Ts4: Sims in Paris Ama's Bathroom (UPDATED)

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T2 to T4 Conversion of Sims in Paris Ama's Bathroom, -this set contains the following cc: ✔Bathroom Ceiling Light: 1 swatch.
✔Tub: 1 swatch.
✔Mirror (re-meshed).
✔Bathroom Lounger: 1 original creator's swatch + 4 additional swatches by me.
*The tub is supposed to go at ground level, but, since there are no ground level tubs yet made for S4 I decided to leave it above ground to function as a regular tub.
*The shower functions as it should, but, it will move from side to side (in a weird way) since it was cloned from a shower that has a sliding door, aside from that, everything else (shower-wise), works as it should ;)

If you have any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know and I will fix them asap. Happy Simming!

CC used:
Reflective floors by Brujah
Ultra lounge tropical leaves by Veranka







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  1. Rona (old Sims 2 modder)June 19, 2016 at 2:47 AM

    One of the best bathroom sets ever! Thank you so much for all your hard work on these beloved old favorites!


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