Mid Century Modern Bedroom (UPDATED)

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★Dresser: 3 colours/1 texture.
Nightstand: 3 colours/1 texture.
★Hanging chair: 3 colours/1 texture.
★Bed pillows: 23 swatches.
★Long bed pillows: 10 swatches.
★Ceiling lamp (medium and tall wall height): 5 colours.
★ Bed  blanket: 11 swatches.
★Functional Egg fireplace: 1 colour, 3 textures, and it can be placed anywhere as edge does not need to be against wall.
★Floor/Surface paintings: 13 swatches.
★Poster sized prints: 7 swatches.
★Deco plant: 1 colour.
★Rug: 8 swatches.
★Sculpture: 6 swatches.
★Teardrop shelf: 3 colours/1 texture.
★Wooden walls: 4 swatches.
★Mid century colour palette walls: 10 colours.
★Sleigh Bed: 1 texture/3 colours, 12 swatches.





CC credit list:
Mira nolen book 7 mio sims
Books steffor mio sims
Logs steffor mio sims
Backpack steffor mio sims
Tea in the garden book severinka
Bathroom aloe bathroom slippers ung999
Chives herbpot omorfimera
Ohio bedroom sheepskin anbs
Bird mirake mio sims
Mira nolen book 5 mio sims

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know, and I will gladly fix them asap. Happy simming!


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  1. Rona (old Sims 2 modder)June 19, 2016 at 12:06 AM

    Wow! Such an amazing set! Thank you =)


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