Ts3 to Ts4: Grandpa's Grove Collection (UPDATED)

2:50 PM Daer0n 4 Comments

Here's a TS3 conversion for you guys, these objects belong to the Grandpa's Grove Collection, which I found to be super cute!. This collection came with some other objects such as the tractor, orange tree and others that I could not extract from the pack unfortunately so they were not included with this collection. There are a few pieces that I actually quite liked from this collection, one of them is the bookshelf, and also the picture frames, which I am planning on making separate objects from. I did have a lot of fun converting this set and also, re-texturing it, even though the textures look pretty similar or close to the original ones, they are not, because they did not come in the pack, but I managed to re-texture them all no problem and got them to look very similar to the original ones.

This set comes with:
Country charm sofa: 4 Textures
Country charm quilted chair: 4 Textures
Country charm display end table: 2 colours
Country charm end table: 2 colours
Country charm bookshelf: 2 colours
Country charm coffee table: 2 colours
Country charm wall clock: 1 colour
Jar o' flowers: 4 colours
Hodgepodge frames: 4 styles
Snug rug: 4 textures
Wooden rocking horse (deco): 1 texture/colour
Hay bale (deco): 1 colour/texture
Fence I: 1 colour/texture
Fence II: 1 colour/texture
Corn plant (deco): 4 colours

I hope you all like :) Have fun and Happy simming!

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know and I will happily fix them asap!