Plants Series Vol.1: Stump Planter (new mesh) (UPDATED)

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Hey everyone! 
Sims 4 Designs will resume to regular programming today, to bring you (a fresh out of the oven, brand spankin' new mesh!) the first of a series of planters that I am planning on creating for all of you. Plants are one of the objects that I use more in game and am constantly in search of. I like things that are completely out of the ordinary and this is what this plant series is going to bring you. This stump planter is inspired by this gorgeous and rustic DIY planter here, and since I saw it I knew I had to create/have it.
I hope you all like it, enjoy it and put it to good use in your game ;)

What you get:
*Set of planters with 6 textures that includes a small forest fern plant in it.
*Set of planters without the plant with 6 textures, that you can use with any other plant of your choice.

If you encounter any issues with this or any other of my cc's or conversions please let me know, and I will gladly fix them asap. Happy Simming everyone!

CC credit list:Triangle pillows by puresims
Cities maison du monde by meinkatz
Ball chair by sims 4 luxury
Music walls by granny zaza
Sv challet living column 5 by severinka
Pastel chevron pattern floors by sims 4 designs
Bamboo plant by plasticbox