Modern Home Office Set (new meshes) (UPDATED)

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Hello everyone! This set deserved its own update post in order to describe the changes made to it a bit more extensively. I had posted this set back in November of 2015 but because I had never been happy with how my calla lily chair I promised myself I was going to remake it and here it finally is, updated and redone.

This set has been updated as follows:
-Bump and specular maps have been updated.
-Meshes have been updated to look better in game.
-Calla lilly chair has been re-meshed (re made) I had made this chair when I first started meshing and I was never happy with it because it was (much) less than perfect, and now that I have more experience meshing I decided that it HAD to be re-made.

-Round rug, the mesh for this rug has also been edited, as well as I have added several extra textures to it, since the first time around it had only 1.

-Wooden holder wall lamp:  I have updated this light to work with the new game update, as well as updated the mesh itself to look better in game and added vertex paint to it to make it light up properly in game.

-Wall mounted geometric deer head: I have updated the mesh and added two extra wood textures to it.

Here's what you get in this set:
Work desk Nubo by Ligne Roset: 47 slots, 13 textures/colours.
Calla lily desk chair: 5 colours.
Daily planner: 5 textures.
Geometric wall mounted deer head: 15 colours.
Round fur rug: 1 texture/colour.
Rustic wooden "Love" shelf: 4 textures.
Cage end table: 21 slots, 11 colours.
Office cabinet: 6 recolours.
Decorative snake plant (re-textured, recoloured, and modified): 7 recolours.
Wooden holder wall lamp: 1 texture, 12 colours.
Cork wall: 1 texture
Wood chevron wall: 1 texture
Modern abstract wall art: 12 prints







CC credit list:
Malles maison du monde meinkatz
Bv pagoda souvenir Veranka
Altara window Nynaevedesign
Pot ceiling focus lamp DOT
Dome x large ceiling lamp DOT

If you encounter any issues please report them to me, I will gladly fix them asap.Much love and happy simming everyone!