Wall + Floor Tire Planters (new mesh) (UPDATE)

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 Here's some more outdoor decor for you guys, I've finally finished my little tire planter project and I am sharing with you guys today, thankfully this was a much easier project to work with and didn't take as long as others I've worked with before. This set comes with wall and floor tire planters, and you can place anything from small plants to little trees in them.
There are six different flower types in them, and I have added vibrant as well as a few pastel and neutral colours to them, -some of the colours may vary a little bit between tire shades but, the purpose of that was to make them look as though they've been painted by hand (DIY style if you will).


So, in total you get 6 wall planters and 1 floor planter, each in 23 shades.


Enjoy and happy simming!

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions, please feel free to let me know and I will happily fix them asap :)






CC credit list:
Beige wicker hearts by flovv
Milk barrel by sg5150
Forgotten tractor by sg5150
Natural rustic hitching post by loree sims
Life in the shikumen lanes wall by sweetmint
Ranch crates by sg5150
Door by mammut

Old mill ivy by veranka
Natural living screen by ung999
Cart by kresten22
Crows by ajOya
Grass terrapaint by El Taller de Mane

Stone fortress terrapaint by Mara45123