TS2 to TS4: Sims in Paris Outdoor I Patio Set (UPDATED)

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Hey everyone!
Today I bring you another TS2 conversion from Sims in Paris. This is the first set of their outdoor set series, and even though it's a pretty tiny set, I think it's beautiful, like everything else that the creators from Sims in Paris ever made. This set includes: 

A fountain: (which in reality was a tub, but I couldn't get it to work properly as a tub, so I decided to convert it into a fountain, so I put the tub and the fountain meshes together into one to make this fountain) with 1 original texture and 1 recolor.
Coffee table: 1 original texture and 9 recolors.
Bench: 1 original texture and 9 recolors.
Chair: 1 original texture and 9 recolors.
Screen: 1 original texture and 18 recolors.


I hope everyone loves this set as much as I love everything that Sims in Paris used to create!

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please report them to me so I can fix them asap. Happy simming everyone!

Mesh credits:
 Sims in Paris.






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  1. Rona (old Sims 2 modder)June 18, 2016 at 9:58 PM

    Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!! :-D I am thrilled to have this in my game again! I hope that at some point you figure out how to make it a hot tub again, as it was my favorite, but I am thrilled to have it for sims 4 in ANY capacity..so thank you again! ;-)


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