The Mud Room Mini Set [[Followers Gift]] (UPDATED)

3:47 PM Daer0n 12 Comments

Hey guys! 
I haven't forgotten about you guys at all or fallen off the face of the earth, I've actually been working on this set for over a week now, and for one reason or another I got busy doing all kinds of things that prevented me from finishing this, but here it finally is!
This is a mini set that I have prepared especially for all my followers, a little gift to thank all of you for supporting my work. I reached a 700 follower milestone on tumblr not very long ago and I was not able to get this out in time to celebrate, and though it seems like all I put out now is followers gifts anymore, trust me, I've been trying to keep up but my wonderful list of followers keeps growing and I am very happy :)

This set consists of:

Mud Room Shelf/Storage Unit
Mud Room Side shelf
Mud Room Shelf Cushion Seat, which you have to place on the shelf unit by activating the bb.moveobjects on cheat.
Mud Room Rug
Mud Room Shelf Pillow, which you can use to place on the shelf unit instead of the cushion seat mentioned above. Again you will have to activate the bb.moveobjects on cheat code to be able to place it.
Mud Room Wall Hook
Mud Room Deco Hat
Mud Room Deco Baseball Cap
Mud Room Deco Shoes (combat boots, rain boots)
Mud Room Deco Hanging Bags: Short bag, Long bag and Teardrop shaped bag.
Mud Room Mirror
Mud Room Frames
Mud Room Deco Ladder
Mud Room Deco Coat
Mud Room Deco Umbrella (upright and leaning)
Mud Room Umbrella Rack
Mud Room Trunk and Blanket
Mud Room Deco Box

(((Brace yourselves, picture overload ahead!)))

(WHEW! that was a LOT of pictures!) *In order to place the baseball cap, hat, and coat on the shelf unit or the wall hook please, activate bb.moveobjects on cheat code, then press the number 9-0 keys on your keyboard to adjust height, as well as use ALT to move objects off the grid and place them on the hooks.*

Although it seems like a lot, I think I could have included more with this set, but, I will leave it at that for now and I hope you all enjoy and like it as much as I do :)

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know so I can fix them asap. Happy Simming everyone!

NOTE:Some objects in this set are a bit high polygon and could slow down your game