Kinder"Little Animals" Rugs, + Wallpapers and Floors

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Hey guys!,
Today I was inspired to create some custom content specifically for kids, it's not very often that I do create kids stuff but I figure there are a lot of simmers out there that I am sure will enjoy and will make pretty good use of it :)

This collection comes with 32 rugs, 20 wallpapers and 14 floors, - the wallpapers and floors might not necessarily match, but some of them could make a good mismatch, I don't know about you but I find that matchy matchy can be pretty boring sometimes, especially when it comes to kids stuff, so I created some pretty wallpapers and floors in mod and bright tones that will sure brighten and make any kids room extra cute and fun.


You can find the walls under the "wallpaper" category, and the floors in the "wood" floors category. You can always type the following words in your game search bar as well: Kinder for the wallpapers and the floors, as for the rugs you can type Kinder "Little Animals" in order to find them.

Please have in mind that some of the walls are two tier walls, and have been numbered in order to find the other half. (I've had some people get confused and think that some walls don't match in game without realizing that there are two parts to them)

I hope you all like and enjoy this small collection of items! Happy simming! and please stay tuned as there are some more floors coming! 

**Please let me know of any issues you may encounter with my cc or conversions so I can fix them asap.**





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