Followers Gift: Bathroom Essentials Set (UPDATED)

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Hello everyone!
Just a couple of days ago I handed out a followers gift set, and today I am at it again! :) My followers list is growing quite fast and I can barely keep up, but I am very very happy!
Sooo...I've been working on this set forever (or at least it seems like it x] ), and adding stuff to it pretty much every day, and I decided that, today, I am going to finally release it. This is a set that was made thinking about bathroom essentials, hence the name of the set and the title of this post, -
I hope I covered most of the stuff that most of us would probably use or want to have in our bathrooms, there might be other things that I will think of in the future that I missed but I think for now I have the "essentials" pretty much covered?

Anyway, here's what you will get with this set:

Corner Triangle Shelf : 15 shades
Corner Triangle Table: 15 shades
Decorative Box: 21 shades
Decorative Plant: 14 shades
Decorative Flower Vase: 14 shades
Decorative Jar of Soap: 10 shades
Decorative Jar of Loofahs: 7 shades
Decorative Jar of Epsom Salts: 10 shades
Deco Folded Towels: 14 shades
Deco Hanging Towel: 14 shaes
Deco Roll of Towels: 14 shades
Deco Laundry Hamper: 14 shades
Bathroom Mirrors: 14 shades each
Bathroom Pouf (which I totally forgot to include in the main picture): 14 shades
"Relax" Wall Deco Sign: 14 shades
"Get Naked" Wall Deco Sign: 14 shades
Wall Round Shelving: 14 shades
Bathroom Mat + Rug Set: 14 styles
Bathroom Shower Caddy: 14 shades
Deco Tissue Box: 14 shades
Bathroom Paper Roll Holder: 14 shades
Bathroom Toilet Paper: 9 shades
Bathroom Wall Art: 22 frames
+ Bonus Walls: 19 styles


So, as you guys can see I included a little bit of everything, and as usual, I would keep adding more to it, but I figure I need to release the set sometime this year lol. So here you go, I hope you all like and enjoy this little giftie that I prepared for all of you . Thank you all for following! 

*In order to find this set in your game, please type the following words in your game searchbar: "Bathroom Essentials" without the quotation marks.

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know so I can fix them asap, happy simming everyone!






  1. Thank you for all the time and attention that you put into this.

    1. Hi! You're most welcome! So glad you stopped by! :)

  2. So, I recently found your blog looking for custom content to download (private use only!) and have absolutely fallen in love with your blog!! Currently following, however, I feel like use a technologically inept being because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to download any of your content. Clicking on what I thought were download links takes me to a popup for adfly that never fully loads.

    1. Hi Smiles, I am glad you are enjoying my custom content and happy to know you are following as well, thank you so much!

      To download my custom content you have to click on the little arrows that are pointing down below "mediafire" or "sim file share", they will both take you to the ad fly page, which makes you wait for 5 seconds or so for the download page to load, once the 5 seconds are done counting it will give you an option to skip the ad in the upper right hand corner of the page, then you can proceed to either mediafire or sim file share to download :)

      I am using pop up blockers on my browser (chrome) and I have tested the links and I have had no problem getting to the download page myself. If you are using a different browser, try chrome or firefox :)


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