Followers Gift: Bathroom Essentials Set (UPDATED)

2:51 PM Daer0n 4 Comments

Hello everyone!
Just a couple of days ago I handed out a followers gift set, and today I am at it again! :) My followers list is growing quite fast and I can barely keep up, but I am very very happy!
Sooo...I've been working on this set forever (or at least it seems like it x] ), and adding stuff to it pretty much every day, and I decided that, today, I am going to finally release it. This is a set that was made thinking about bathroom essentials, hence the name of the set and the title of this post, -
I hope I covered most of the stuff that most of us would probably use or want to have in our bathrooms, there might be other things that I will think of in the future that I missed but I think for now I have the "essentials" pretty much covered?

Anyway, here's what you will get with this set:

Corner Triangle Shelf : 15 shades
Corner Triangle Table: 15 shades
Decorative Box: 21 shades
Decorative Plant: 14 shades
Decorative Flower Vase: 14 shades
Decorative Jar of Soap: 10 shades
Decorative Jar of Loofahs: 7 shades
Decorative Jar of Epsom Salts: 10 shades
Deco Folded Towels: 14 shades
Deco Hanging Towel: 14 shaes
Deco Roll of Towels: 14 shades
Deco Laundry Hamper: 14 shades
Bathroom Mirrors: 14 shades each
Bathroom Pouf (which I totally forgot to include in the main picture): 14 shades
"Relax" Wall Deco Sign: 14 shades
"Get Naked" Wall Deco Sign: 14 shades
Wall Round Shelving: 14 shades
Bathroom Mat + Rug Set: 14 styles
Bathroom Shower Caddy: 14 shades
Deco Tissue Box: 14 shades
Bathroom Paper Roll Holder: 14 shades
Bathroom Toilet Paper: 9 shades
Bathroom Wall Art: 22 frames
+ Bonus Walls: 19 styles


So, as you guys can see I included a little bit of everything, and as usual, I would keep adding more to it, but I figure I need to release the set sometime this year lol. So here you go, I hope you all like and enjoy this little giftie that I prepared for all of you . Thank you all for following! 

*In order to find this set in your game, please type the following words in your game searchbar: "Bathroom Essentials" without the quotation marks.

If you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know so I can fix them asap, happy simming everyone!