TS2 to TS4: Sporty Kids Bedroom (UPDATED)

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Hey guys, I am finally moved to my new place and it has been a little while since I last posted anything here, not so much because I was busy settling and unpacking in my new place but because I've been pretty un-inspired to do anything game-wise, I haven't really felt in the mood to create anything and kind of considered not coming back at all but, I thought I'd come back for a bit and give it another shot to see how I felt, or at least put this set I had converted for you guys out. I might just play the game instead for a while, rather than re-coloring, meshing or converting anything for some time, as I am kind of getting bored with creating lately. But since I have reached a new follower milestone on tumblr here's a little gift to celebrate all of you tumblr, blogger and followers from all over, thank you!

This set was created by Sims 2 Code, another sims 2 creator that has been retired for a good while. This set is a set for kids called "Sporty Kids", and since I've been creating and converting stuff mostly for adults I decided to convert something for our sims kids, for a change. This set includes:
*Nightstand I & II
*Desk Chair
*Vanity Bench
*End Table
*Wall Shelf
All the items mentioned above include creators original textures only, no recolors have been done by me.
To find this set in your game, please type the following words in your game search bar "Sims 2 Code"
*If you encounter any issues with this or any other of my custom content or conversions, please contact me so I can fix them* I hope you guys like and enjoy this set, happy simming!

Mesh credits:
Sims 2 Code