Followers Gift Part I: TS2 to TS4 Sims in Paris Living I (UPDATED)

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Hey guys, here's a followers appreciation gift, since I reached a new follower milestone some time ago but wasn't able to do much for the past two weeks due to getting all my stuff ready to move. Today it is another conversion from Sims in Paris, the "Sims in Paris Living I" set, and I also threw other random decor conversions for all of you with this set that belong to: Atwa, Mummysim, 37 Sims, Aviolina, and Pot Pie, but, those will be in part II of this followers gift since there are already a tonne of images added to this post and I don't want to make it too overwhealming.
What you get with this set:
*Sofa with pillows (original textures and colors + recolors by me)
*Sofa without pillows (original textures and colors + recolors by me)
*Armchair (original textures and colors + recolors by me)
*Fireplace (with separate glass) (original textures and colors + recolors by me) activation of bb.moveobjects on cheat is required in order to place the glass on the fireplace.
*Rug (original textures and colors + recolors by me)
*Curtains (original textures and colors + recolors by me)

In order to find the Sims in Paris set you will have to type "Sims in Paris Living I" in your game searchbar searchbar without the quotation marks.
As always, if you encounter any issues with my cc or conversions please let me know so I can get it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks and happy simming!

Mesh credits:
Sims in Paris






  1. I love the conversions, they all look so beautiful and I really appreciate the work you've put into it and for sharing. Thanks so very much. 😃😃

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying the conversions, you are most welcome! Thank you for stopping by to say hi! :)

  2. Rona (old Sims 2 modder)June 18, 2016 at 4:41 PM

    This is the set that made me fall in love with SIP and download every single thing of theirs I could find! (I found out about them a little late in the game) Your conversions are wonderful and I deeply appreciate all of your hard work! =)


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