Followers Celebration Gift! Ts2 to Ts4: 8-3 Picnic Set (UPDATE)

11:28 AM Daer0n 6 Comments

Hi my friendly followers, today I have another surprise for all of you, a followers gift that I hope you will all like. This super cute little picnic set is from 8-3 one of my favorite sims 2 custom content creators. This set comes with a LOT of cute stuff like little bento boxes and all kinds of adorable things for all the clutter lovers out there!.
Ok, so here's what you will get with this set:
*4 picnic bento boxes: Fried chicken, fried shrimp, and rice balls and sandwich.
*A bottle of french lemonade
*A small dessert cup
*Picnic blanket + rug
*Picnic pillow
*Picnic basket
*Picnic thermos
*Polaroid camera (decor)
*Polaroid pictures (decor)
*Sketch book
*Picnic plates
*Picnic easter rabbit
*Picnic ds game (decor)
*Picnic snacks: chocolate bar, crackers and pocky.
*Picnic Tarts: boxes + singles
All of the items described above contain creator's original colours + recolours by me ;)
I hope you all like it and enjoy it!
**In order to find all these items in your game, please type the words "8-3 Picnic" without the quotation marks**
Please report any issues you may encounter with this set or any of my custom content so I can fix it as soon as possible. Thank you all for following, I appreciate every single one of you! Happy simming!
**GTW  is required for some of the items to work**






  1. Congrats! And thanks for the gorgeous present =) xx

    1. Hi! Thank you! and you are most welcome! :)

  2. Script Call Failed :(((((((( I was able to use the thermo and the carpet only :(((

    1. Some of those items require GTW, I forgot to put a note up to let people know. So if you don't have that update that might be the reason why they are not working, because they work just fine for me? I'm sorry they are not working well for you!

  3. Hi. I wasn't able to use all of the items because every time I put your items in the gameplay it shows "Script call Failed".

    1. Hi Sahara,
      They all work fine for me. It could be that your game is probably updated to the latest version, or it could be that it's not updated. Mine is updated with the GTW pack, but I don't have the two newest ones which are Luxury, Spa and Patio. When they update the game custom content breaks and it has to be updated so that it works with the newest versions.


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