Cast Iron Patio Mini Set (UPDATED)

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Hello hello!
I have some new objects for you guys today, this is a cute mini patio set that I have just created especially for all of you. This is a butterfly, and flowers inspired set, and it's meant to create and give your backyard/patio an "enchanted" type of atmosphere/feeling. As you will be able to see, the chairs have a butterfly back with a flower shaped seat, that reminds me of a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower. The legs are supposed to mimic a buttefly's "proboscis" which is why they have been made  long, curly and slender. I have also created an "enchanted" mirror to go with this set, -of course, I haven't added any "special" features to the mirror other than its shape, it's only supposed to give that special fairy tale like air/feeling of "enchantment" to your patio, and I hope I have achieved that.

This set contains the following:
*Butterfly/Flower shaped chairs in 19 shades.
*Flower shaped table with glass top in 19 shades.
*Cast iron Celtic themed flower vase in 4 shades.
*Wall height adjustable mirror in  22 shades.

More images below:

To find this set in your game, please type the following words in your game search bar: "Cast Iron Patio Set"
*Only flower vase is part of this set, the rest of the decor, floors and walls are not included in this set*
Please contact me about any issues you may have with any of my custom content or conversions so I can fix them as soon as possible, happy simming everyone!

This set is high polygon and it could slow down your game. If you have your game set to low graphics settings these objects may look distorted, laptop mode should be turned off as well. Please make sure you game is updated for these items to show up in game as they have been updated to work with the newest game packs.




  1. This is such a beautiful set! Absolutely love the chairs and the colours. Thanks so much for sharing! =D

    1. You're most welcome! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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