Ts2 to Ts4: Sims in Paris "Ama's First Bedroom" (UPDATED)

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Hi my lovely followers! Today I am bringing you another ts2 conversion, from Sims in Paris yet again. This is Ama's First Bedroom and as the title says it, this is one of Ama's first creations and I am happy to be able to share it with all of you. I decided to keep this set nice and simple and stick with the original creator's colours, except for the fireplace, which I did add recolours to, but, you can always add your own to the rest of this cc, cause, now that Sims 4 Studio has added the new "add swatch" feature you can go happy go joy adding swatches to your heart's content to this set ;)
This set includes everything that you see in the picture, (bed, canopy, candle, rug, loveseat, pillowseat (deco and functional) fireplace, and wall decor) walls, window, and floors NOT included. I love converting from ts2 to ts4 but one thing that I do dislike is the fact that every time I convert a bed it doesn't work all that great in game, the blanket issue bothers me quite a bit, the fact that it does not acquire the texture from the blankets when the sims get into bed totally bothers me. A lot. One day I shall learn how to correct that -sigh-. I have to add that, one of the pillowseats is actually functional and can be used as a chair. I have finally learned how to move the rigs to their correct spots in order to make your sims sit in different positions and such, and I am super happy about that! yay me! x]
In order to find all the items in this set please type the following keywords in your game searchbar: "SIP Ama's First Bedroom"
Please report any issues you may have with any of my custom content or conversions so I can take care of them as soon as possible. Enjoy and happy simming!






  1. Rona (old Sims 2 modder)June 18, 2016 at 2:53 PM

    Yay!...Oh, Thank you SO MUCH! =D


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