TS2 to TS4: Adele's Morrocan Set and 8-3 Antiquity Set (UPDATED)

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Hello hello! Here's a special gift for all of you in celebration of my 200+ followers! This time I decided I would share a 2 for 200 gift and both are wonderful and very special! The first one is the Antiquity Set from 8-3 Studio. I just love 8-3 Studio's stuff, it has been so much fun converting all of their stuff as all of their content is packed with excessive cuteness, so much creativity and so much detail, and it almost feels as though I am sharing an unearthed treasure with all of you! Anyway, the set comes with cute little things like an antique atomizer, an antique decorative little mason jar, an antique tv, a sofa blanket and rug, a little plush "piggy" toy (with recolors for extra cuteness) and a gorgeous little vintage trunk that you can fill with all kinds of awesome clutter to decorate your Sim home. I have also added many recolors to the sofa blanket and the rug :)

(The antiquity set does not include floors, wall, windows, curtains or furniture)
***I also encourage you guys to actiivate the bb.moveobjects cheat to be able to place the sofa blanket on top of couches, then use your 9 and 0 keys to adjust object height***





The second set is from a very talented artist from MTS (Adele) that has been absent for a while, and I decided to convert their set because it is absolutely gorgeous. This set comes with a dining set and a living room set consisting of: Dining table, dining chairs, credenza, decorative vase and a beautiful decorative box, also, a loveseat and a gorgeous coffee table. The chairs and loveseat include fabric texture recolors. I hope you will all enjoy the two sets that I am sharing with you guys today, as it was made to thank all my (Tumblr and Blogger followers), thank you everyone for following, I am very happy to see everyone enjoy my work and conversions as well :)
(The morrocan set does not include the decorative plant, floor or walls.)

Mesh credits: Sims in Paris and Adele.
*(If you encounter any issues with my uploads or conversions, please let me know so I can fix it, thank you!)*



  1. Thank you, dear. It's beautiful work!
    May I ask wcif the book in trunk?
    I could not find them in the download files.

    1. Hi Ally, thank you for your sweet words :) This set was posted around 2 years ago or so and unfortunately I lost all the cc I used to have back then, so I am unsure where I got this cute book from. If I happen to find it one of these days I will make sure to come back and let you know where it came from :)

  2. Replies
    1. The Tv comes with the set shown in the picture :)


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