Big Collection of Random TS2 to TS4 Conversions (UPDATED)

6:09 PM Daer0n 4 Comments

Hey everyone, here's some more Ts2 to Ts4 conversions for you all. These are all by different CC creators. This was an actually collection created by TLC ( who is no longer active creator of custom content ) this collection was called "Spring is in the Air" and I thought about keeping the original title to it but then, spring is almost over here and well, it's not spring everywhere lol, and though I did not keep the collection's original title for this post, I did tag this collection with the "SIITA" initials that stand for "Spring is in the Air". I converted items that were convertible in this collection since some objects are missing due to the original creator not including original meshes. I have included some of the original creators colours, but I have re-textured some of these items completely as well to give them a more modern look. (I had some troubles trying to make Ms. Sussie's blankets work properly so that the colour didn't go opaque when placing on top of the bed, that really annoyed me and to me it diminishes the quality of the object, so it was hard trying to figure out the best setting for them to make them work right *phew* it took a lot of work!)( I totally forgot to take images of the bedding, but the textures are the same as the ones from the bed!)

In order to find the items in this collection of random items you will have to search for the tag name "SIITA" in your game search bar without the quotation marks. Also, the blankets will show  like they're going through the ground but I had to set them up that way in order for them to work as separate bedding, so in order to be able to place the bedding/blankets on Ms. Sussie's bed you will have to activate the bb.moveobjects cheat code and use ALT key to move off grid, and press your 9-0 keys to adjust height. On a different note, Katja's armoire was made to be an actual dresser, not a shelf, BUT, I did use it as a shelf in the picture above as the original creator meant it to be a shelf and not a dresser. I decided to go for the dresser in case you want to use it for its real purpose and instead of putting plants, books, etc on it you can place clothing as well and use as a dresser, you decide! :)
Any issues with these conversions please report them back to me so I can take care of them as soon as possible. Happy Simming!
Armoire by: Katja
Stucco wall by: TLC
Vase by: Cassandre
Bed by: Ms. Sussie
Bedding by: Ms. Sussie
Curtain by: Sims in Paris
Umbrella by: Razzah
Suitcases by: TLC
Trunk and blanket by: TLC
Big pillows and small pillows: Sims 4 Designs