Veranka's Back To Retro Cabinets [Recolors]

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This set is a Ts3 to Ts4 conversion done by Veranka, and originally created by the super talented  pyszny16. I fell in love with this set because I love LOVE retro (anything retro, really), it reminds me of happy times for some reason, it takes me back to the wonder years, the marvelous 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's and I just sigh at the thought of living back in those times, - when everything was absolute awesomeness. But, anyway, I have recolored and re-textured this beautiful living room set, -I have added retro textures to it in three different shades and four different patterns, the set comes with a large, medium, small (add-on created by Veranka) and open cabinet (which for some reason I forgot to include in the first picture, but I guess it's not good to do things first thing in the morning when you just woke up cause that is what happens! ) The clutter shown in the pictures is not included, but if you have any questions as to where to find any of these items, just give me a shout, I am pretty WCIF friendly ;)

I hope you all like and enjoy this set as much as I do!

Category: Buy Mode - Surfaces
Price (from left to right/and bottom):§125, §175, §245, §115

Credit for the Ts3 to Ts4 conversion goes to Veranka and credits for the original mesh go to pyszny16.