Industrial Style tub and Mirror

4:03 PM Daer0n 3 Comments

Hey simmers! Here's yet another industrial style item for you guys, this time I am sharing a tub and a mirror that belongs to the industrial style series/collection. I have been doing all of these in parts,  which I probably shouldn't but there are so many projects that I have on the go right now that some of them have been put off for a bit, and this tub and mirror were on the to do list of industrial style objects that I wanted to do some time, but here it is finally seeing the light of day! 
Both the mirror are available in 5 different styles and are interchangeable with the other industrial style stuff that I've made before. I have a couple more things that I would like to add (still) to this collection but that will have to be postponed for another time, -but, I promise, it'll come :)
I hope you guys like these as well, enjoy!

You can find the mirror in the obvious section (decorations/mirrors) and the tub in plumbing/tubs.