Brick Tree Planter (UPDATED)

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So I had been wanting to play with this mesh for a long time and turn it into something pretty for our sims gardens, and this is what I came up with, a brick tree planter. I know there are some planters kicking around in the game, but I never really liked them that much, and I wanted to create one of my own, and I plan on making some additional ones with all kinds of different patterns as well, but for now, I leave you with this set to beautify your sims garden :) 
This set comes in 5 different brick shades and textures, and even though I named it "Brick Tree Planter" you can use it for pretty much anything you want, from trees, flowers to shrubs, cactuses, etc etc, anything that your imagination allows you to create with this pretty tree planter. This is a modified EA mesh, and it's base game compatible.

Category: Buy Mode - Plants/Decor Misc

In order to place trees and plants in the center of the planter you have to activate the bb.moveobjects cheat code, then press ALT on your keyboard to move objects off the grid, then place them into the planter. To adjust the height of some plants, you will also have to press the following numbers on your keyboard: 9 to move upwards or 0 to move downwards, after activating the cheat code.






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