Mediterranean Wall (Art) and Door

7:24 PM Daer0n 2 Comments

Hey guys,
here is a set of Mediterranean walls and door that I created some time ago. It took ages for me to upload since I got super busy creating other cc for the game and I just couldn't seem to stop.
This door can only be used with small sized walls, as I've only recolored a small door to go with them, the other door sizes will come soon as well, but for now here are some mediterranean style walls and door. I was going to include the round windows that you can see in the picture, but decided against it as I wasn't all that happy with how they turned out. However, I will include a couple of windows to go with this set, as I feel it's incomplete without them.

Small hedges by: Adonis Pluto




  1. I absolutely LOVE your doors! I was looking for a single tile door with frosted glass or stained glass and found your site. Lovely!

    1. I'm so glad you like them! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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