Old Wooden Stairs

12:20 AM Daer0n 3 Comments

These stairs were made with TSR workshop, I was so excited to be able to recolor stairs, I don't know why, but I was. TSR workshop made it pretty easy to recolor these stairs but I was a bit upset about not being able to recolor other type of stairs such as the brick ones. There are some things you can recolor and some others that you can't at the moment. I am hoping that I am able in the future, and also, and unrelated but, I hope too that spirals stairs make a comeback for the Sims 4, I miss spiral stairs -sigh-.
In the meantime, here they are my beautiful old wooden stairs...

These stairs have to be placed separately in order for them to look 'right', because otherwise the wooden texture stretches and it doesn't look as good and defined.

Walls by: Simenapule and Simsrocuted
Door by: Sims 4 Designs
Windows by: Natural Sims
Plants by: Shenice93
Old mill ivy by: Veranka
Mailbox by: Plasticbox




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