Magicwood Treehouse

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Hey Simmers! This is my very first post here, I've been itching to share my creations with the Sim world for some time now. I've been creating a ton of new things and having a lot of fun doing so, and I really wanted to share with all of you.

This is one of my first creations I am very proud of. I am a huge fan of log cabins, treehouses and really, country living overall. This was inspired by the Treehouse Masters show, treehouses nowadays are not what they used to be back in the day, they are far more creative, far more functional, and this is what I tried to replicate with mine. I am happy to share with you my first treehouse I ever built on The Sims 4. Tada! Enjoy :)

This treehouse was built using the cheat to make objects bigger pressing the ] key, so that the trees appear bigger.

Lot Size: 30 x 20
Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Bathrooms: 1 Bathroom
Type: Residential
Cost: 125,000

You can download Magicwood Treehouse here: